Are there Health Benefits of Using Baby Bean Bags?


A versatile and stylish baby accessory, baby bean bags also feature some interesting health benefits that should be relevant to new parents. Baby bean bags are often given as unique gifts that function as a sort of chair for babies. Manufacturers of the product tout the different health benefits of the baby bean bags as being the most important quality of the baby chair.


  1. Improves the posture of the baby as the bean bag fits around the baby’s natural shape. The soft material of the bean bag forms a snug and warm cocoon around the baby therefore ensuring a good posture while resting.
  2. Minimizes the instances of acid reflex. The position that the baby’s head and body are can increase or decrease their acid reflux. The wedge-like shape of most baby bean bags is designed to tilt the baby’s head slightly and therefore limit this condition.
  3. The main health benefit is that they are said to minimize the likelihood of “flat head” in babies. Flat head refers to the condition where a baby’s head tends to achieve a flat look in the back due to constant pressure from hard and flat surfaces. The design of baby bean bags is based on being able to take on new shapes easily as a result of the contents within the bags. As such, laying a baby’s head on the bean bags only makes the bag to form around the baby’s head and therefore exert no pressure.
  4. Conclusion

    It is evident that baby bean bags are comfy and offer health benefits for babies. It is worthwhile to consider using this type of baby equipment to enhance the health of your baby. It would be interesting to view what other types of baby equipment actually have medical reasons justifying their usage.